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Bronx Blindness Injury Lawyer

Just like a spinal cord injury or a brain injury, an injury that causes you to lose your sight is life changing injury. Every aspect of your life is turned upside down, including your home life, career, relationships with friends and family and your emotional well-being. While certain diseases can lead to a loss of sight, a traumatic injury can also cause blindness. For example, a car accident, bicycle accident or a motorcycle accident where you suffer a brain injury can ultimately cause you to lose your sight. Accidents at work where you fall, are hit in the head or are exposed to dangerous chemicals can also lead to a serious personal injury that causes you to lose your sight. In most cases where a loss of sight was caused by an accident, the accident was caused by negligence and was avoidable. If you are in need of a New York Injury Lawyer because you believe that your blindness was the result of the negligence of another person, contact an experienced Bronx blindness injury lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates who will review the facts of your case and work aggressively to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Common Causes of Blindness

There are many different types of accidents that can cause the partial or complete loss of vision.

  • Assaults. Assaults that cause an injury to the head, face or eye can cause the victim a partial or complete loss of sight.
  • Bright Lights. Bright lights can cause damage to the eyes and either temporary or permanent blindness as extreme bright light can burn your retina. Dangerously bright lights can come from an explosion, lasers, searchlights or defective electrical objects.
  • Chemicals. Dangerous chemicals that splash in your eyes can cause a burn that permanently impairs your vision.
  • Grit or other particles. Foreign objects in your eye can cause damage that leads to a loss of vision.
  • Head Trauma. One of the most common causes of congenital cortical blindness is an injury to the head. In fact vision problems are fairly common after even a mild brain injury.
  • Sharp Objects. Sharp objects such as scissors, knives, nails and pens can lead to blindness by puncturing the eye.
Blind as a Result of a Medical Mistake

A medical mistake can result in a patient losing his or her eyesight. If this happens, then the medical professional responsible would have committed medical malpractice. For example, a catastrophic vision loss injury may be the result of a botched eye operation or by complications arising out of treatment, or due to medical issues associated with an entirely different part of a patient’s body. In addition, if the loss of vision was the result of a medical professional failing to diagnose a condition, contact an experienced Bronx blindness injury lawyer because that doctor's misdiagnosis would amount to medical malpractice.

Pursuing Compensation for a Loss of Sight Injury

If you lose your sight due to the negligence of another person, New York law allows you to hold the responsible person legally and financially liable.

  • Medical expenses. The negligent party may be required to compensate you for your medical bills. The medical expenses portion of damages should include every medical expense that you incurred over the course of receiving treatment as well as future medical expenses. In addition, you may receive compensation for any assistive tools required to help you adapt to life without sight.
  • Lost income. An injury that impacts vision can mean that the victim not only misses some work, but that they may not be able to return to their job at all. The law allows the victim to demand that that the defendant compensate the victim for their lost income. Lost income can be complicated to calculate, particularly if the victim lost benefits and opportunities for advancement as a result of the accident. Contact an experienced blindness injury attorney in the Bronx to help ensure that your calculation of lost income is accurate.
  • Pain and suffering. The court may also award damages based on the physical and mental anguish you experienced from your injury and recovery.
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If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that left you partially or completely blind, you should contact an experienced attorney who understands both the legal issues associated with personal injury cases as well as the medical implications of blindness. Stephen Bilkis & Associates is experienced in handling personal injury cases stemming from auto, truck, motorcycle, boat, and construction accidents. Contact an experienced blindness injury attorney serving the Bronx at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case. We serve clients in the following locations: the Bronx, Westchester County, Suffolk County, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, and Queens.

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