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Thousands of people are involved in accidents in New York each year. While there are many reasons for car accidents, more often than not a car accident is caused by negligence. Car accidents can leave victims with serious injuries that require long recovery times. Common injuries in car accidents include traumatic brain injuries, injuries to the back and spinal cord, and broken bones. Serious car accident injuries often result in the victim and their family facing financial stress. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury in a car accident because another person was negligent, contact an experienced Bronx car accident lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates to review your options for securing compensation from the person who caused the accident from a personal injury claim.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of collision and the speed at which the vehicles were traveling, the type of injuries victim may suffer include::

  • Head and brain injuries. A head injury is one of the most common injuries. Car accident victims often bang their head against the dashboard or windshield. In cases where the victim was thrown from the car, he or she may land headfirst on the hard pavement. Injuries to the head in and brain in car accidents can include concussions, brain contusions, skull fractures, and coup-contrecoup injuries.
  • Neck injuries. Common injuries in car accidents also include neck injuries. In fact, whiplash neck injuries can happen even in low-speed, low-impact car accidents. Other common types of neck injuries include pinch nerves, neck sprains, herniated discs, and neck fractures.
  • Facial injuries. In car accidents, facial injuries are also common. Facial injuries include bruises from the airbag or dashboard as well as cuts from broken glass.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries. Injuries to the back and spinal cord are common in car accidents because the bodies of victims are often tossed about and twisted. In addition, the spinal cord may be bruised or crushed. As a result, victims sometimes suffer severe back and spinal cord injuries that can lead to paralysis.
Pursuing a Claim

If you were severely injured in a car accident, contact an experienced Bronx car accident lawyer as you have the right to pursue compensation from the person who caused your injuries.

Medical expenses. Medical expenses for common injuries in car accidents can be excessive. Even if you have insurance, your insurance may not cover all of the expenses. If you file a claim against the negligent party, they may be ordered to pay not only your past medical expenses for treatment of injuries related to the accident, they may also be ordered to pay for future medical expenses.

Lost wages. How will you pay your bills if you are unable to work? Back, neck, and head injuries can mean long recovery times during which you are unable to work. This can mean a significant reduction income that will impact your ability to pay your bills and provide for your family. Through a personal injury lawsuit filed with the help of an experienced car accident attorney in the Bronx you can demand compensation for your lost wages that may include not only the paychecks that you missed, but also other types of compensation that you missed.

Pain and suffering. While medical expenses and lost wages are economic damages that can be proven through receipts, bills, and HR records, pain and suffering are considered noneconomic damages. Pain and suffering damages refer to the impact of the accident and injuries on the victim’s emotional wellness and their ability to enjoy life. Because of the seriousness of many of the common injuries in car accidents, their impact on the victim’s emotional wellbeing can be significant.

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All too often victims who suffer serious injuries in car accidents lose their careers, have a diminished quality of life, and see their personal relationships suffer. A serious accident can also cause financial devastation from mounting medical bills coupled with a decrease in income. The car accident attorneys serving the Bronx at Stephen Bilkis & Associates have decades of experience winning substantial compensation for victims of car accidents. Contact us at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case. We serve clients in the following locations: Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester County, Suffolk County, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island, Nassau County, and Queens.

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