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Tires Accident

Car accidents can be caused by a variety of factors including a mechanical problem. Tires, for example, are essential to not only the car moving forward or backward, they are important to the driver being able to control the car. Underinflated tires cannot properly grip a roadway. When a car is traveling at a high speed on a roadway and the air in one or more tires is suddenly released, the driver my lose control of the car and collide with another vehicle. In some cases a tire may lose air because of a blowout, while in other cases it may happen because of a defect. Regardless of the reason, the consequences are sometimes tragic. A victim of a car accident may suffer a serious injury such as a brain injury, contusions, broken bones, internal injuries, amputations, paralysis, or spinal cord injury. Sadly, many car accidents are fatal. If you are in need of a New York Injury Lawyer because you or a family member was injured in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, it is important to contact an experienced Bronx Tires Car Accident Lawyer who will help ensure that the person responsible for your losses is held accountable. In addition, if while treating you for your injuries your doctor, nurse, or other medical professional is negligent, resulting in a medical malpractice claim, the person responsible for your car accident injuries may be legally required to compensate you for that as well.

Types of Tire Problems

A tire on a vehicle may become underinflated for a variety of reasons. In some cases the under-inflation occurs slowly over time, while in other cases it is sudden. Some of the most common tire issues include:

  • Bald tires
  • Tire blowouts
  • Rubber deterioration
  • Tread separation
  • Poor tread design
  • Under-inflation or over-inflation
  • Incorrect tire type
  • Poor alignment
  • Incorrect installation

Most of these tire issues are preventable. For example, typically tires wear out and become bald only after thousands of miles of use. Car owners should understand how to maintain their vehicles. Failure to do so may put others at risk. If a tire’s tread separates after minimal use, there is a good chance that there was defect in the manufacturing of the tire. If a problem with your tire results in accident where you or another person is injured, you both may have valid claims against the tire manufacturer until a product liability theory.

Pursuing Damages

If were injured in a accident that occurred because another person negligent in maintaining or manufacturing a tire, New York law allows you to hold that person accountable for your losses. Through a personal injury lawsuit there are number of different types of damages that you may be able to recover:

  • Medical expenses. The person responsible for the accident that caused your injuries may be required to pay for your medical expenses. This would include medical bills you accumulated prior to filing your claim as well as future medical expenses related to the treatment of your injury.
  • Lost wages. Even a relatively minor accident may cause you to miss time at work. The person responsible may be required to pay the wages you lost. If you end up using earned sick days or vacation days, you may be entitled to receive compensation for those days. Furthermore, if as a result of your injury your earning potential declined, you may be able to recover damages for loss of future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering. Another potential source of damages that you may be entitled to receive is pain and suffering. In the context of a personal injury claim, pain and suffering refers to physical pain as well as emotional distress.
  • Property damage. The person whose negligence caused the accident may also be responsible for damage to your vehicle or other property.
Bronx Tires Car Accidents Lawyer

A personal injury lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident will not only hold that person accountable for his or her negligent acts but will also provide you and your family with needed financial relief. To ensure that your rights are protected it is important that you are represented by someone with experience representing victims of car accidents. The staff at Stephen Bilkis and Associates has extensive experience representing clients injured in head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, side collisions as well as other types of vehicle accidents. Contact us at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your car accident.

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